Have you discovered Yum Yum Worlds childrens music yet? It’s a magical world full of wonderful characters designed to delight children.

In Yum Yum World Millie and Max set off on an adventure in an amazing forest. Whatever they think of appears – beautiful trees and plants, sparkling waterfalls and incredible animals. Millie and Max can hardly believe their eyes as they follow the path to new and exciting places! Keeping an eye on them is Willy Wagtail, a cheeky bird, who shows Millie and Max the way into the forest and is always hovering above, making sure they have a wonderful time.

You can join the adventure, following along with the colourful animated videos and singing and dancing to the childrens songs with Millie and Max. Along the way you’ll meet all the animals of the forest – Koala Squeeze, Kangaranga Roo, Ecko Geckos, Bilby Bop and Yappy Tappy Turtle. Mums and Dads, you can download the videos to watch at home as well as the MP3 audio to play in the car. Your children will love the characters and  childrens music and feel like they’re a part of Yum Yum World with Millie and Max and their animal friends. You can enter the Yum Yum World competitions.


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