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Kids Music Lessons – Kids music Academy

Your children can learn how to sing with our fun loving teachers. Our teachers have many years experience in teaching children and Adults in many genres of music Pop, jazz, Gospel, Classical, country, Rock and more.

 Lynfa is the head our our childre’s department. There isnt too many instruments lynfa cant play. Simply give us a call and we will schedule a lesson with.

Book your music lessons at our Yum Yum World Kids Music Academy

Founders core principles –

  • fun
  • safe
  • Different levels of learning and education
  • Have movement in
  • Have communication and interaction.
  • Able to share with others.
  • Promote healthy living and eating.
  • Promote co -ordination


Yum Yum World Kids music lessons in our online Academy. E books coming soon

Are you looking to have your child learn online in the comfort of your home. we have a wonderful 10 lesson course you can purchase for them….Go to our online shop here.

Welcome to our first free lesson at Yum Yum World Kids Music Academy.

Here you will begin to learn to sing, so that you can enjoy singing along to all of our Yum Yum World songs. Who knows we may even let you sing in one of our next shows.

Lets start with

Do Re Mi

Watch Willy Wagtail guide you through.



10 kids singing lessons for the price of 1 plus 1 free lesson

10 singing lessons for the price of 1 +1 free lesson

At Yum Yum World kids Academy we love making learning affordable for parents. That’s why we are giving you this special package of 10 lessons for the Price of 1 of our normal 1 on 1 studio lessons.

  1. Fun with Music and balloons – Breathing
  2. Climbing a ladder with musical note
  3. Animals sounds – creating tones
  4. Hairbrush singing – performance


Please select

Here at Yum Yum World we like to provide the best ways for your children to learn and have fun..

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