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From getting organized early to  back-to-school shopping lists, these tips will prep you for the new year. Plus, some will even help you save money.

Time flies. One minute the summer holidays are just starting and the next thing you know, it’s back to school and you’re frantically fitting shoes and searching for sports uniforms. Save your sanity, as well as time and money, by getting organized early for the new school year. This guide is full of life-changing – and wallet-friendly – tips and tricks.


Use the Yum yum worlds back to school products School List.

Back-to-school shopping for your school supplies if you live on the Gold Coast, or in fact anywhere in Australia. It doesn’t have to burn a hole in your hip pocket. Good news, Yum yum words back to school products have enhanced its School List Service by partnering with a great Australian Company to make it more efficient, with full transparency of your savings. Right now, you can utilize this amazing service and outsource your back-to-school shopping to a team of clever experts who will gather everything on your list, or substitute with budget-friendly finds, before packaging it up ready for delivery.

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Children are a great joy and blessing to have in your life. As children grow from little infants to little children and start to walk, we as parents are continually amazed by how they move forward in their development. Having fun songs for kids in their journey increases their learning abilities.

One of the most beautiful things we have available to encourage their growth is Music.
Children whether they are still in the womb or born, are moved by music. Music encourages our children in so many ways.


Children’s Music

 Music in the playground or on a wintry day in the lounge room can get the children learning all kinds of moves. Download our free E book with the Yum Yum World characters to color in. Answer 3 questions on our 3 hit songs. Subsribe here

children music

Children Playing.

Having music around children when they play encourages social interaction and physical development.

children playing


Children learning

Children grow and develop at different levels. Music is able to bridge the various levels of growth.

children learning

Healthy Children

Music is a powerful tool in educating children with catchy songs around fruit and drinks and healthy choices.

healthy children


Children sleeping

For when children are restless. A gentle lullaby sung by Dad or Mum can allow them to gently drift off to sleep. Some fun songs for kids to sing include 

from Yum Yum World Ozzie Adventure Album. Its a great song to purchase for singing your child to sleep.

children sleeping

Children waking

When they wake in the morning listening to music can inspire them for the day. Yum Yum stomp is a great little motivator for a fun song for your kids to sing and dance to from “Yum Yum World Ozzie Adventure Album”. Its a great song and Album to purchase.

children waking

Children eating

Teaching your children the good foods to eat is very important. Its also great to give them some treats every now and then.

children eating

Communicate with others

Children getting involved in singing and dancing provided the backdrop for social interaction and talking more confidently.

children communicating


Children’s Co-ordination

Music is a very important tool in assisting your child develop their motor skills. The founders of the Yum Yum World have this as one of their core principles in writing and developing their music and shows

children co-ordination

Early childhood education should encompass these attributes

  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Different levels of learning and education
  • Have movement in
  • Have communication and interaction.
  • Able to share with others.
  • Promote healthy living and eating.
  • Promote – co-ordination

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We aim to have fun while educating

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