Wall Letters




Wall Letters are made from a removable vinyl, which will adhere to most smooth surfaces, such as plasterboard. Each word or phrase comes pre-spaced, with application tape, making it easy to apply to any wall, door or furniture. We recommend avoiding wash & wear types of paint that are designed to repel dirt, as this can also cause vinyl to not adhere correctly. If you would like to try a sample before you buy, please contact us. The Wall Letter name or quote will be scaled down to fit into panels that are 30cm/20cm/15cm/10cm/5cm high. The price will be calculated depending on the amount of characters typed in and the chosen size. We will aim to make sure that all the names or words in each order will be similar in height. This may mean that we need to scale down some names or words to make them work alongside the other names. Please Note: Wall Letters are made from a different material to our full colour fabric wall stickers range, so there will be a difference in finish and colour.

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